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    Digital technologies to improve processes, increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop production, and increase profitability – all while contributing to sustainable agriculture.


    Your Agritech journey starts here!
"Annadatta Sukhibhava"

The Problem

India’s agriculture industry needs a major reformation. A reformation that not only find solutions to problems at the local farmer’s level but for the overall country’s economy and community. It is inevitable that climate change is occurring and at a rampant rate. With the ever-changing climate, land is becoming less arable, whether it be from man-made irrigation practices or natural disasters. Likewise with India being the second largest populated country in the world, the growing population is leading to water scarcity and food shortages making agriculture reformation a necessity. To add to the demands of the growing population, there is a major divide in technology modernization within the country. Today, our country’s farmers do not have reliable infrastructure and technology access to aid in monitoring their harvest. To add on, the current system of integrating multiple middlemen has prevented fair pricing for farmers.


The Solution

Srinergy AgriTech is a clean-tech agriculture technology company striving to empower farmers with the latest technology and the right tools to ensure healthy, sustainable, and economical farm cycles. Bringing in the latest innovative technological advancements from the United States and years of experience in the solar industry, we have created a 3-step process to provide a holistic approach to major hindrances to ensure overall farmer profitability.

Digital Farming

  • A method of farming that uses technological innovations including GPS guidance, drones, sensors, soil sampling and precision machinery in order to grow crops more efficiently. We work with the farmer in creating a farm profile based on their soil type and market requirements.

Sustainable Farming

  • Aggressive and short-sighted farming methods have led to a depreciation of the limited natural assets and has contributed to climate change, resulting in affecting the future of farmers and their livelihood. With the use of precision irrigation methods, we are using AI and Drip Irrigations systems to reduce the dependency on depleting water sources.

Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Creating and building an infrastructure that can withhold the entire farming process and logistics is the key to a sustainable and profitable farm. Our smart infrastructure incorporates Srinergy AgriTech’s solar power waters pumps and cold storage solutions to aid in ensuring produce freshness for a longer duration as well as reduce the amount of waste.

About Srinergy AgriTech

Srinergy AgriTech is a digital technology company that provides design, logistics, and delivery solutions to the agricultural sector using the latest IT technology. At Srinergy AgriTech, we are driven by a passion to transform the Agri-business ecosystem with our innovative products and services.


‘Annadata Sukhibhava’- “To whom feeds us, let them be happy”. Our farmers are the backbone of our nation. Srinergy AgriTech envisions a future where farmers can lead a content and happy life by building a platform that connects producers to consumers seamlessly.


Many factors like knowledge of options, lack of education, lack of technology and resources have all equally contributed to holding back the growth of farmers within our country. At Srinergy AgriTech, we are on a mission to empower farms across the country by helping them integrate agriculture with the latest AgriTech solution to improve farmer profitability and create a sustainable future.

Our Solutions

Agri Infrastructre

Srinergy aims to integrate traditional agriculture with the latest cleantech infrastructure to aid in maximizing food safety and produce longevity all through the latest technology in tracking and solar energy. As part of Srinergy's mission, allocating new-age infrastructure for the agricultural sector aims to create a supportive environment for the development and adoption of clean technologies that will promote sustainable growth in India's agriculture sector, while helping to drive the changes required to achieve a low-carbon economy.

Cold Storage Units Grading/Packing Facilities Consolidations & Distributions Centers

Agri Solar

With over a decade of experience in the solar clean-tech industry, we know solar energy is the most sustainable and reliable form of clean energy. With its constant supply, we will be able to reduce electricity costs for farmers and aid in farmer profitability. Today’s innovative solar infrastructure, water pumps, lighting and fencing infrastructure, can completely run on solar power to aid in high crop yield and produce longevity. Srinergy AgriTech's ground mount solar panels are designed in such a way to provide electricity for farms yet maximize land usage by allowing for cattle to graze under and even allow for crops to grow. Our innovative designs help farmers to maximize their yield by combining agriculture and solar energy.

Solar Water Pumps Farm Lights (Fences)


Today, Blockchain is at the forefront of the revolutionary aspects for businesses across the globe.

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E-Commerce (B2B)

Tying together finance, order management, and payments in an organized flow to ensure timely execution.

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EV Logistics

Drones, tractors, and electric vehicles (EV) will all aid in proper farming execution from ‘Seed to Fork’. Agricultural drones will be used to fertilize and monitor crops. Farm tractors will run completely on solar for the farmer to be able to carry out crop maintenance tasks

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